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A Fourth Path to Permanency: The SOUL Family

On this week’s episode we discuss the worsening capacity crisis when it comes to older youth in foster care, calls for better juvenile judge training, and an update on the legal battle over investigating gender affirming care as abuse in Texas.

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After a youth enters foster care, there have traditionally been three paths to a more permanent setting: reunification, adoption and guardianship. Patty Duh of Epic ‘Ohana and Leslie Gross of the Annie E. Casey Foundation join to talk about a proposed fourth version of permanency: the “SOUL Family,” an approach one state has already agreed to try out.

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Stability Now! Getting Proactive About the Child Welfare Workforce Illinois is Routinely Housing Wards of The State in Chicago’s Jail for Kids Illinois DCFS Director Marc Smith Held in Contempt of Court for Ninth Time for Improperly Placing Teen The Chicago Judge Who Held Child Welfare Directors In Contempt Dozens of Times Washington Settles Lawsuit Involving Foster Youth Left Sleeping in Offices and Hotels Juvenile Courts Need National Training Standards, Webinar Told More Families of Trans Teens Sue to Stop Texas Child Abuse Investigations Judge Temporarily Blocks Some Texas Investigations into Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Kids SOUL Family Permanency Option for Older Youth in Foster Care SOUL Family Relationship Wheel SOUL Family Comparison to Existing Legal Permanency Pathways
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