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Welcome back good listeners to the Mining For Gold cypher! We are honored and grateful to be joined by Erin Miles Cloud for this amazing and radical Episode 18: Abolitioning.

Erin Miles Cloud is the co-founder and co-director for Movement For Family Power. MFP works to end the family policing system and punishment of families to create a world where the dignity and integrity of all families is valued and supported.

In this episode, listeners have an opportunity to learn from Erin, explore, act, and discover what the process of abolition is, while she dispels many myths. Erin educates listeners on what it looks like when we are abolitionING in everyday justice-centered practice. We learn that abolition is about keeping everyone safe, including people who are harmed and who do harm; this is a fundamental piece that is baked into the design. Erin reveals the BOTH AND; the requirement to hold both the practice and ritual of dismantling, and the ritual of building. Myth busting again; abolition doesn’t require us to do both, but it requires that we HOLD both.

Erin reinforces that we cannot do this process alone. We have to be in coalition with people who have the talent to do the dismantling and the talent of building. We hold a grander vision in the steps toward abolition for a more participatory society and anti-racist. Abolitionists are practical!

Sit back and listen, absorb, and dream the liberation with an open and humble heart.

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