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Assessing Foster Care from Within

On this week’s episode, we discuss a scary error in California’s abuse registry process, more on state efforts to end gender-affirming care for youth, Louisiana’s “Lower the Age” bill and a new ombuds office for youth in foster care in Ohio.

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Serita Cox of iFoster joins to talk about how an email her organization sent to partners about what the Biden administration should prioritize in child welfare may have planted the seed for an annual nationwide survey about foster care.

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California’s Child Abuse Registry is Missing Upwards of 22,000 Abuse Suspects, Audit Finds Texas Resumes Investigations into Parents of Trans Children, Families’ Lawyers Confirm DeSantis Moves to Ban Transition Care for Transgender Youths, Medicaid Recipients In New Orleans, City Officials Are No Longer Holding Juveniles in the Adult Jail. A Proposed State Law May Force Them To Honoring the Life of Ma’Khia Bryant: An Ombudsperson for Foster Youth in Ohio Ohio Youth and Family Ombudsmen Office Opens Governor Appoints Two Ombudsmen to Lead New Office Survey Shows Frustration with Foster Care from Within The System Voice of the Foster Care Community Year 2 Survey for Voice of the Foster Care Community
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