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Celebrating Black Fatherhood

Audio Nuggets is honored to drop a unique and special, Fathers Day ’23 edition, right here in the cypher. We welcome Victor Sims for Episode 16: Celebrating Black Fatherhood.

Victor Sims is a son, brother, husband and now a father to a little girl, named Harleigh. Victor, like far too many Black children, has been impacted by Florida’s foster care system. Victor’s work includes helping to improve children’s experiences when they are removed from their parents. Victor is set to release a book this summer, “The Day I Stopped Crying”.

The conversation is rooted in the transformation of Black fathers from being “the impacted”, to being leaders that influence change and know the value of co-design with people. All while challenging the ideology that Black skin has never been the issue, that it is racism that is the issue.

Victor gifts the audience with vulnerability in sharing his deepest insights on what racism has cost him, revealing the immense cost of stripping away his identity. The conversation deepens to unhook the violent destructiveness of family separation that has plagued generations upon generations of Black families. Victor also shares the joys of liberation he experiences by living on purpose, with a purpose.

Listeners experience Victor’s journey of healing, liberation, and belonging. A journey that is wrapped in truth not being absolute, a journey of grieving ancestral blood lines, and embracing Black fatherhood as he travels the path toward racial justice, liberation, and belonging for Black families.

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