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Centering Lived Experience with Sixto Cancel

On this week’s episode, we discuss new findings that connect anti-poverty measures to reducing child maltreatment, the Democrats’ plan for unaccompanied minors at the border, and the Road to Healing Tour.

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Sixto Cancel, founder and CEO of Think of Us, joins to discuss his organization’s new Center for Lived Experience, kinship care, and authentic vs. performative gestures in the child welfare arena.

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Association Between State Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Policies, Child Protective Services Involvement, and Foster Care in the US, 2004-2016 Money and Maltreatment Children’s Safe Welcome Act About The Children’s Safe Welcome Act Children and Family Services Workers Allege Rape, Unsafe Conditions for Youth and Staff at The County Office Historic ‘Healing Tour’ Launched in Oklahoma Honors Survivors of Indian Boarding Schools The Indian Child Welfare Act: What’s At Stake with Brackeen v. Haaland
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