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Child Welfare Challenges in The Sunshine State

On this week’s podcast we discuss the police shooting of an Ohio foster youth, the recent Supreme Court decision on juvenile sentencing, and a novel partnership to connect former foster youth with housing stability.

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Robert Latham of the University of Miami’s Children and Youth Law Clinic joins us to discuss several issues at play in Florida, one of America’s largest and most privatized child welfare systems. We talked about Latham’s unprecedented data project tracking the movement of foster youth in the state, a law that often leads to system-involved youth being confined in mental health facilities, and the state’s child welfare response to COVID-19.

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Reading Room Police Killing of Foster Child Ma’Khia Bryant in Ohio Wrenches Youth, Allies On Juvenile LWOP, Supreme Court Answers One Question and Creates Another Ohio Senate Seeks Ban on Life Without Parole for Juveniles Ben Carson Unveils Major Stable Housing Initiative for Former Foster Youth Supporting Foster Youth on College Campuses
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