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College Ready, Career Prepared: Foster Youth and Higher Education

On this week’s podcast, we discuss the return of federal earmarks and which youth and family organizations benefitted, Florida’s new Family Navigator plan, and the findings of the first Voice of The Foster Care Community survey.

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Instead of a guest interview, we’re featuring a great conversation on connecting youth in foster care to higher education and careers. This discussion was hosted by our team at Fostering Families Today, a bimonthly magazine delivered straight into the homes of foster and kinship caregivers, and was moderated by Ivory Bennet, who has been a guest on this podcast before and served as a special advisor in the creation of the recent special issue of Fostering Families Today entitled College Ready, Career Prepared: A Guide to Postsecondary Education for Youth in Foster Care.

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The Return of Earmarks: Winners from Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Youth Homelessness DCF Announces Robust Child and Family Well-Being Initiative to Better Support Families Voice of The Foster Care Community College Ready, Career Prepared: A Guide to Life After High School
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