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Congressional Investigations, States Investigating Themselves, and More

On this week’s podcast, we discuss some news out of Tennessee that makes a congressional inquiry look bad, and two stories that highlight the intrinsic problem with investigations of abuse within foster care.

We also talk about new research on abortion laws and foster care entries, supportive housing’s impact on reunification, and two cool mapping resources on federal and state spending.

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The Human Rights of Foster Children

DCS whistleblowers claim ‘cover-up’ of ‘dangerous’ conditions in state-run homes

Louisville foster kids say they were harmed in residential care. Few were believed.

The Forgotten Children of Texas

Tug of war over $125 million in temporary assistance to needy families surplus brewing

Association Between Restricted Abortion Access and Child Entries Into the Foster Care System

How Supportive Housing Can Keep Families Together

Find Federal Funding in Your Community

National Trends in State Funding for Children and Youth

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