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“Decolonization Is Only The Beginning”: Indigenous Child Welfare in Canada

On this week’s podcast we discuss what was on Senators’ minds during the confirmation hearing for Biden’s top child welfare officials; more federal scrutiny on for-profit colleges; and the human consequences of family court shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Last month, the Canadian government announced a historic, $31.5 billion agreement with Indigenous people to compensate them for three decades of discriminatory treatment by the child welfare system. Chief Cadmus Delorme of Cowessess First Nation joins to discuss the long, dark history that led to this settlement.

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During Confirmation Hearing for Top Biden Child Welfare Officials, Senators Voice Their Own Priorities Confirmation Hearing of January Contreras and Rebecca Jones Gaston Consumer Finance Agency Digs Into Questionable Direct Student Loan Practices Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to Examine Colleges’ In-House Lending Practices New York City Court Dysfunction Found to Have ‘Caused Harm to Thousands of Families’ Historic $31.5 Billion Settlement to End First Nations Suits Against the Child Welfare System in Canada
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