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Does Justice Happen in the Courtroom with Adam Ballout

Today’s episode is a conversation I had with Adam Ballout who is an attorney and public defender in Everrett, WA. The conversation centers around something Adam said to me in a conversation that piqued my curiosity, “justice doesn’t happen in the courtroom.” I wanted to understand why an attorney would say this and where he thinks justice happens. We talk through the lessons Adam learned about justice for families throughout his career, how they have shaped his law practice, and what role he thinks attorneys play in speaking truth. We also talk about the work his law practice, ABC Law Group and the FIRST Legal Clinic. If you want to learn more about the work of the Clinic you can visit their website – The First Clinic.

We reference this article by Jousha Michtom in our conversation – A Call to Action for Parents’ Lawyers in the Family Regulation System.

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