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Extended Foster Care, Counsel for Kids and Parents, New York’s Many Lawsuits, and More

On this week’s podcast, we discuss some new legislation aimed at drawing more interest in extended foster care, long-sought data on compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act, and the use of federal funds for family justice. We also break down yet another child welfare-related lawsuit in New York, and concerns over the precedent set by the conviction of Jennifer Crumbley.

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Bipartisan Bill Would Expand Federal Extended Foster Care Program

Fostering Adults: The State of Care

Biden Proposes New Federal Data on ICWA Compliance

Keeping The Kids: Native American overrepresentation in foster care in Montana.

Most States Now Access Federal Funds for Family Court Lawyers

New York City Class-Action Lawsuit Defends Parents’ Rights in CPS Home Visits — A Rare Constitutional Challenge

The Trouble With Convicting Parents for Their Children’s Violent Crimes

Bill Tracker: Protecting Benefits for Foster Youth

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