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Families as Architects for Change

Audio Nuggets welcomes Takkeem Morgan to the cypher for Episode 11: Families As Architects For Change.In this conversation, Takkeem shares and unpacks his value with our listeners around people who are closest to the pain ought to be the architects of all the solutions. Families have the data, and they have better and less expensive ideas on how to spend government resources to help communities in a meaningful and impactful way.

Takkeem outlines what he identifies to be the three major challenges faced by current child welfare; the great awakening around the family policing of Black families experiencing poverty, a moral deficit among the child welfare workforce, and a nationwide shortage of foster homes capable of providing therapeutic care for the children that are in them. Takkeem is clear in his vision that his work and influence acutely focus on the first and third challenge. The conversation also confronts the challenges and opportunities of the TFSC project.

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