Show: The Proximity Process

Father and Son Reunion with Corey Best (pt. 2)

This is part two of my conversation with Corey Best. You may want to go back and listen to episode one where Corey talks about growing up in DC, his son being born, and his experience of termination of parental rights (TPR). We end that conversation as Corey was hours away from reuniting with his son after 19 years. We pick up Today’s episode with the first embrace that Corey shares with son and the experience of being together for a couple of days.  From there the conversation moves to explore the Adoption and Safe Families Act and TPR. We get into some of Corey’s position on TPR , his process for why he wants to share this part of his story, and his approach to freedom seeking as it relates to TPR. We end the conversation with where we began episode one, what does freedom mean? Corey shares that he has fears about facing ASFA but he glimpses freedom when he faces his fears.

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