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Featured Episode: After Life, with Julie Reynolds

We will get back to our regular podcast format next week, but today we are featuring the work of Julie Reynolds, who is The Imprint’s new Associate Editor. 

Reynolds has produced and released the second season of her Podcast Grey Area.  This new season, called After Life, explores one man’s journey into and then out of the California penal system, the latter part of which might not have happened but for changes over time in the state’s view about a second chance for young offenders. 

First you will hear a brief interview with Julie about the new season, and then we will present Episode 1 of AfterLife.

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Julie Reynolds is the associate editor of The Imprint, an investigative journalist and author of “Blood In The Fields,” a book documenting the lives of young gang members in the Salinas Valley that was a finalist for the 2015 International Latino Book Award. Reynolds co-founded the nonprofit news site Voices of Monterey Bay and produces the podcast “Gray Area: a Show About Justice and Redemption.”

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After Life: A 10-part audio documentary on life after a life sentence Imprint coverage by Julie Reynolds
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