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In The Fight to Undo Racism

Welcome to the cypher! On Audio Nuggets, we give ourselves rooted permission to tell a collective story of the principled struggle for liberation and freedom. We are honored to welcome Joyce James to the cypher for Episode 32: In The Fight to Undo Racism.

Joyce James has been leading and supporting anti-racism and justice in multiple systems and institutions across the country for almost three decades.

In this episode, respect is given by Joyce and MFG to The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB) for the education and political analysis they have gifted so many with through their principles, teachings, and organizing.

Joyce unravels the narratives about people that we have bought into, and the lies we have been taught. Through good teaching and teachers, Joyce illustrates the cornerstone fact; racism is so deeply embedded in all of our systems and institutions, that to truly undo this racism, means a lifetime commitment to the fight.  We are grateful to march alongside Joyce and so many others who embody justice and liberation for the people, on the long road to freedom!

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