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Introducing SafeCamp Audio!

This week we discuss SafeCamp Audio, the forthcoming podcast network from Fostering Media Connections, which will feature terrific audio projects on child welfare, youth justice and more. Click here to join the SafeCamp newsletter!

We also review some recent headlines, including new research on racial disparities in the child welfare process, renewed Congressional interest in congregate care, family separation in Ukraine, and more.

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Bipartisan Bill Introduced To Tighten Oversight of Residential Centers for Youth Mississippi Governor Touts ‘Culture of Life’ with New Laws Abortion Ruling Means More and Riskier Births in Mississippi State-Level Variation in the Cumulative Prevalence of Child Welfare System Contact Racial/Ethnic Differences in Child Protective Services Reporting, Substantiation and Placement, With Comparison to Non-CPS Risks and Outcomes State-level Data for Understanding Child Welfare in the United States Think of Us Receives $47.5 Million from TED’s Audacious Project
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