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Lawsuit over Court Supervision, Fentanyl’s Impact, Juvenile Fines and Fees, and More

On our monthly headlines episode, we discuss recent Imprint coverage on a child welfare litigation group’s first big legal challenge, the impact of fentanyl on legislation and policy in child welfare, and the Biden administration’s incremental steps on fines and fees in the juvenile justice system. We also discuss the child welfare case of a transgender teen in Montana, and the state of federal data on child welfare.

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New York Appeals Court Case Focuses on Non-abusive Parent Being Subjected to Home Supervisions

New Civil Rights Organization Dedicated to Families’ Rights Launches in New York City

Western States Wrestle With a Child Welfare Response to Addictive Drugs

‘We failed her.’ Santa Clara County social workers publicly rebuke boss, agency over handling of high-risk kids like baby Phoenix

DOJ Calls on States To Eliminate Juvenile System Fines and Fees

A Minnesota Host Home Program Helps Vulnerable LGBTQ+ Youth Avoid Homelessness

Gianforte rebuts far-right accusations about child protection case

Child Welfare Outcomes 2020

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