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Making Holiday Traditions for Foster Youth

On this week’s podcast, we discuss some headlines that seem to emanate in part from workforce woes, a lawsuit over anonymous reporting, one state’s effort to adjust child welfare policy after marijuana legalization, and missing school while locked up.

Lisa Dickson of ACTION Ohio joins us to talk about the annual series of Thanksgiving dinners she helped state for youth in Ohio foster care, the right way to incorporate lived experience, the death of Ma’khia Bryant, and more.

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Imperial County Social Services Report Draws Vocal Criticism

Watchdog Finds ‘Errors on Top of Errors’ at DHHS Before Child Death

Financial Crisis for Central Florida Foster Care Nonprofit

Brooklyn Mother and Son Sue New York City Children’s Services over ‘Traumatic’ CPS Investigations Following False Reports

With Cannabis Newly Legalized, Minnesota is Latest State to Adjust its Child Welfare Approach

Problem Newly Revealed in Juvenile Hall Schools: A Failure to Get Kids to Class

Education Inside and Out

Fifty Years of Transforming Youth Justice

Thanksgiving Together Ohio

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