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Mamma-hood: Reclaiming Cultural HumaNESS

Welcome back for this Mother’s Day 2023 edition of Audio Nuggets, here in the cypher. We are honored to be in conversation with Lisa Sangoi for Episode 14: Mamma-hood: Reclaiming Cultural HumaNESS.

Lisa is a founding co-director of Movement For Family Power, an organization that supports organizing and movement building to abolish the family regulation system. The audience has the opportunity to learn what “motherhood” means to Lisa and the impact that being in relationship with people and communities has on movement building. Lisa invites listeners to reflect on the expectations that are placed on mothers and caretakers by the family regulation system, and that we can heal by nurturing freedom dreams of liberation, belonging, justice, and living in full humaNESS.

Lisa leaves parents with three things to hold in power: 1. Know in the deepest of your soul that everything the system told you is a lie and to release that burden. 2. There is organizing happening all over the country to rise up against the system and try to get connected. 3. Hold onto hope.

To learn more about Movement For Family Power, you can visit them at

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