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Mental Health Litigation Boom in Child Welfare, and More Headlines

On this week’s episode we catch up on some headlines from the last few months in child welfare and youth justice, including: a flood of mental health litigation; adoption reckoning in South Korea; a federal effort to help states differentiate poverty and neglect; the nexus between money and maltreatment; the Finish the 5 campaign in Texas; and more.

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South Korea Sets Up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to Investigate Adoptions Feds Plan $10 Million to Prevent Confusion of Poverty with Neglect Nevada Eyes State Bill to Codify ICWA Wyoming Considers Codifying Indian Child Welfare Act Protections in State Law With ICWA Under Threat, More States Shore Up Laws to Protect Native Families from Foster Care Separation Maryland and Iowa Are the Latest to be Sued Over Youth Mental Health Services Justice Department Slams Alaska for Over-Institutionalizing Youth with Disabilities Disabled Foster Youth Sue North Carolina for ‘Segregating’ Them in Institutions New York Let Residences for Kids With Serious Mental Health Problems Vanish. Desperate Families Call the Cops Instead. ‘We’re at a Crisis Point’: NY Attorney General Hearing Spotlights Child Mental Health Care Failures Sabrina’s Parents Love Her. But the Meltdowns Are Too Much. The Imprint Weekly Podcast: Ohio Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran Impact of Direct Cash Benefits to Low-Income Families Can Be Far-Reaching Texas Teens Embark on An Idealistic Quest to Shut Down the State’s Last Five Youth Prisons Youth and the Juvenile Justice System 2022 National Report How Youth Incarceration Undermines Public Safety: Reviewing the Evidence
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