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Money and Maltreatment

On this week’s podcast we discuss the end of the federal eviction moratorium, a string of new laws aimed at protecting parents suspected of abuse or neglect in New York, and Molly Dunn joins to talk about problems with Arizona’s effort to get federal assistance to current and former foster youth. 

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Lindsey Bullinger of Georgia Tech University joins us for a conversation about how changes in the minimum wage can impact abuse and neglect, how to research the impact of the new child allowance, and what she and colleagues found when they matched up matched up child welfare data with cell phone usage during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Resuming Evictions Could Land Kids in Foster Care, Experts Say Evictions and Neighborhood Child Maltreatment Reports New York City Lawmakers, Moms Push Sweeping Changes to Child Maltreatment Reporting System New Research Links Increased Minimum Wage to Reduced Child Maltreatment COVID-19 and Alleged Child Maltreatment
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