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Narrowing Neglect in The Law with Diane Redleaf

On this week’s episode, we discuss some alarming high school graduation data for foster youth in one of America’s largest cities; Oregon’s move away from an algorithm; and how the bipartisan gun bill could bring accountability to Medicaid services for children. 

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Longtime child welfare legal expert (and poet!) Diane Redleaf joins to discuss her career, recent legislation to change neglect statutes in state law, and how they tie into her recent work on children’s rights. 

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New York City Foster Youth Graduation Rates Found Far Lower Than Previously Known Oregon Is Dropping An Artificial Intelligence Tool Used in Child Welfare System An Algorithm That Screens for Child Neglect Raises Concerns Findings from a Qualitative Analysis of Racial Disproportionality and Disparity for African American Children and Families in Michigan’s Child Welfare System Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment Youth Advocates Eye 2020 for Revolution on Children’s Mental Health in California When the Backlash Came for Title IX, She Fought Back Former Rep. Patsy Mink’s comments on the Adoption and Safe Families Act The Challenge of Changing America’s Amorphous, Limitless Neglect Laws Building Resilience: Group Pushes for Looser Neglect Laws, More Child Autonomy
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