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New Numbers on Broken Adoption and Child Maltreatment Registries

On this week’s podcast we discuss the recent series and data reporting by USA Today on youth who experience adoption from foster care and return to the system, the recent federal investigation on America’s use of Indian boarding schools; and news on lawsuits in Alaska and Indiana.

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Buzzfeed reporter Scott Pham joins to discuss his data reporting work on state-rund child abuse and neglect registries, which led him to conservatively estimate that 3 million people are currently on them.

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Free registration! Tough Conversations: Navigating Relationships with Biological Family Sponsored by iFoster For tens of thousands of children in the U.S., their “forever family” doesn’t last long. USA TODAY investigates: Why do adoptions fail? Bill Aims to Prevent Adoptive Parents from Abusing Subsidy Program Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts, #10: Better Policing of Adoption Subsidies Time for New Numbers on Adoption Disruption A First, But Incomplete, Measure of Adoption Success The U.S. Government Releases Landmark Investigation Into the Brutal Legacy of Indian Boarding Schools Following Landmark Report on Indian Boarding Schools, Survivors Call on Congress for Broader Inquiry Lawsuit Alleges End to End Failures in Alaska’s Child Welfare System Firm Files Lawsuit Against Indiana’s Child Welfare System 7th Circuit Dismisses 2019 Lawsuit Seeking Sweeping Changes to Indiana DCS Policies Judges Toss Class Actions Against Ohio, West Virginia “It’s Like A Leech On Me”: Child Abuse Registries Punish Unsuspecting Parents Of Color
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