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Older Youth in Foster Care, Treating Withdrawal in Newborns, and More Recent Headlines

This week we review some new research on older youth in foster care, and the impact of mother bonding in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms for opioid-exposed newborns.

We also discuss several recent stories published in The Imprint, including the first installment of a series looking at the haphazard rules around sexual and reproductive health for youth in foster care; how a small group of parent activists eventually effected the closure of California’s state-run youth prisons; and more.
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Less Older Youth in Foster Care, But Path to Permanency Remains an Issue A Fourth Path to Permanency: The SOUL Family “Eat, Sleep, Console” reduces hospital stay and need for medication among opioid-exposed infants A Cheaper Preservation Approach to Keep Babies Exposed to Opioids with Mom High Stakes, Silent Systems: Foster Care’s Missing Policies For Sexual and Reproductive Health The Untold Story of How a Stubborn Group of Parents Helped Shutter the Nation’s Largest Youth Prison System Washington State Plans to Move Foster Youth Out of Hotels and Offices States Nationwide ‘Professionalize’ Foster Parenting to Better Support Youth Minnesota Aims to Better Equip Parents Facing Termination of Parental Rights As Youth Supporters Rally, Minnesota Lawmakers Pass ‘Trans Refuge’ Bill These States Have Banned Youth Gender-Affirming Care
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