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Part 1: Reflections and Truth

Audio Nuggets is honored to share this space with Tewabech Genet Stewart for Episode 15- Part 1: Reflections and Truth.

Tewabech Genet Stewart, an Ethiopian-American, was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa. Tewabech spent twenty-two years in Florida’s child welfare system, and now she advocates for justice-centered practices that support families. Currently she co-chairs the Hillsborough County Anti-Racism and Healing Workgroup, which seeks to confront racism, while advancing justice, liberation and belonging within Florida’s child welfare system.

Tewabech shares nuggets of her becoming as she strategizes with historical occurrences. The conversation touches on the impact of family policing, how parents are stripped of their liberties, and how false narratives and anti-Blackness are baked into the institution.  Tewabech reveals her journey of unraveling the harsh realities of child protection and the harms that are perpetuated and created under the guise of “protecting children”.  

Tewabech shares how she embraces the sheer necessity of being grounded in truth when confronting racism as a leader. Truth-telling is also the key to unlocking her own healing, liberation and making an honest appraisal of how we have arrived here.

Stay tuned for Part II, when Tewabech returns to the cypher to share her dreaming and imagination with us.  Until then….

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