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Part 1: The Analysis of Anti-Black Ideology

Audio Nuggets is honored and filled with gratitude to be joined by the legendary racial and family justice scholar and activist Dorothy Roberts for Episode 5: Part 1: The Analysis of Anti-Black Ideology.
Dorothy utilizes her critical analysis of Roe, reproductive justice, and family policing to demonstrate how interconnected systems and racist policies have had a devastating and violent impact on Black families. In this explosive and electrifying episode, Dorothy offers her expertise in activism, organizing, and truth-telling as gifts and nuggets to the audience. “Abolition already exists for white families.” Therefore, abolition is the only way to transform the family policing system so that Black families have the opportunity to glimpse a life without a punitive system’s obsessive attachment to terrorizing their families. Dorothy and MFG are creating a culture to be bold, explicit, and courageous in the name of justice, liberation, and abolition.

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