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Part 2: Family Policing and the Journey to Reproductive Justice

Audio Nuggets is proud to announce that Professor Dorothy Roberts has joined us back in the cypher for Part 2: Family Policing and the Journey to Reproductive Justice. In this conversation, MFG and Professor Roberts dive into the post-Roe era, and how the historical legacy of Black women and families have been the centrality of her work for the past 25 years. Killing the Black Body, her authored chapter, Race, in The 1619 Project, and her newest book Torn Apart illustrate for us that criminalizing pregnancy in Black women, the carceral system, and family policing are all interconnected, anti-Black ideologies. It is inherent in this ideology that Black women transfer depravity to their wombs, and with this ideology also comes the vilification of Black mothers in the family policing system.
Professor Roberts leaves us with even more nuggets to noodle on, and we are incredibly grateful to uplift her work, and stand committed to continue to join her in the movement for justice and liberation for Black families.

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