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Part 2: Reconcile with Terminating The Institution’s Rights

Welcome back, good listeners!  We are back in the cypher with Tewabech Genet Stewart for the much-anticipated Episode 17: Part 2- Reconcile With Terminating The Institution’s Rights.

Part 2 deepens the frame into the pains of growth and the developmental process. Tewabech uses her liberated voice to gift listeners with her experience of having her orientation challenged. And that it takes people and collectivism to heal.

Tewabech reveals a crafted framework of principles of a re-invented institution that supports families, while discontinuing harmful practices.  The ideas are rooted in a clear understanding of plantation ethos; that calls for moving families from the field to the house. 

Tewabech lives her grounded truth, is disciplined in reconciliation and atonement, all to be prepared for the mission of the healing and justice-centered work that she knows is required of her. It is time for DCF to have their rights terminated!

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