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Phenomena of Whiteness

Welcome back to the Mining For Gold cypher! In this Black container, we witness and experience how traveling the stoney road toward freedom is a journey trekked with love, resistant abolitionism, dignity, and revolutionary muse makers. If you’ve eavesdropped on the political analysis, you’ve come to know that on Audio Nuggets we strive to bend the arc on non-linear modes through conversations that tug and pull from the best of who we are. We give ourselves rooted permission to tell a collective story of the principled struggle for liberation.

Audio Nugget’s anchors ’23 with one of the most liberated voices around. You will have the luxury of discovering DaWayne Judd in Episode 24: Phenomena of Whiteness. Phenomena are occurrences in the natural and human-made world that can be observed and cause one to wonder and ask questions. DaWayne will guide our conversation in ways that help to excavate why we find ourselves steeped in the religion of race.

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