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Prioritizing Kinship Care with Kim Clifton of HALOS

On this week’s podcast we discuss a new kinship prioritization in Washington, New York gets sued (twice), privatization ends in Nebraska, and controversial new legislation in Alabama and Tennessee. 

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Kim Clifton of HALOS in South Carolina, joins us to talk about kinship care, what federal funding for kinship navigators could mean for her state, and hidden foster care.

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Washington Supreme Court: ‘Meaningful Preference’ for Kin Is Required Keeping Families Together Act Lawmakers Pass Child Welfare Changes, Teacher Incentives, Tax Break on Tampons Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Make Providing Gender-Affirming Care to Trans Youth a Felony New Law Shields Religious Foster, Adoption Agencies from Discrimination Lawsuits New York State Failed to Provide Legally Required Mental Health Care to Kids, Lawsuit Claims Lawsuit Alleges New York Created ‘Extremely Harmful’ Shadow Foster Care System January Contreras Confirmed to Biden’s Top Child Welfare Post Hidden Foster Care: Continuing Coverage in The Imprint
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