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Reclamation: A Journey of Healing through Reflection and Resilience

Join us in an illuminating episode of InnerViews as we delve into the profound topic of healing trauma through the lens of re-parenting, guided by the wisdom of Deborah D. Denzel. Drawing from her lived expertise and career in improving the child welfare system, Deborah shares transformative insights into her personal journey of resilience. Explore the pillars of re-parenting and discover empowering strategies for self-nurturing and growth. Through candid reflections and empowering moments, Deborah reveals how embracing the concept of re-parenting has paved the way for healing, joy, and personal empowerment. 

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Guest Bio: Deborah D. Denzel

Deborah D. Denzel spent thirteen years in the Connecticut foster care system and aged out after graduating with her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Bennett College. Deborah has her Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan and has dedicated her career to improving the child welfare system. Deborah has direct service experience as a state foster care worker, foster parent recruiter, trainer, program manager and mentor.

Deborah also has experience as a program evaluator and researcher. She’s conducted numerous research studies on child welfare at the University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan and Think of Us. Deborah’s currently the Business Development Manager of Fostering Media Connections. Deborah currently lives in Los Angeles and in her spare time enjoys crossfit, hiking, going on adventures and traveling. During the pandemic, she completed her goal of visiting all 50 states by her 30th birthday! 

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