Show: Self-Taught: Former Foster Youth on Sex, Health, and Life


Phillisha and Tamar are all-star moms who happen to be former foster youth as well. Hear how they each actively sought to reparent themselves – filling in gaps from their own development – in order to be the best parent for their child. Plus, they share how their upbringing taught them some do’s and don’ts now that they’re in the parent role.

Guests: Phillisha (she/her), former foster youth, RHEP Youth Advisory Board member

Tamar (she/her), former foster youth, RHEP Youth Advisory Board member

Content warning: This episode touches on topics that may be upsetting or triggering for some listeners, including puberty, experiences in health care visits, and past trauma. This warning is to empower listeners with the knowledge you need to make healthy decisions about how and if you should consume this podcast content. Don’t hesitate to use the resources listed in the show notes if you need support.


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