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Welcome to Resilient Voices & Beyond, where silence transforms into strength, and personal revolutions unfold. I’m Michael D. Davis-Thomas, the founder of MDDTSpeaks, and this podcast is our commitment to amplifying the voices that were once muted. Join us as we serve as a beacon for individuals with live experience, community leaders, advocates, policymakers, and more.

In each episode, we showcase the hard work of community partners, leaders, and activists, aiming to bring forth a new generation of foster care alum leaders. We delve into topics like reforms, advocacy, policies, prevention, foster care, adoption, kinship, CCIs, JJ, and the child welfare system. Together, let’s challenge stigmas, break away from labels, and foster a dialogue that transcends boundaries.

Our mission is clear: empower, educate, and innovate. We’re here to cultivate a world where authenticity reigns, inclusivity thrives, and the resilient voices of foster care alum leaders shape a brighter future. Join us on this journey from silence to strength, as we amplify change and empower lives. Remember, if not us, then who? If not now, then when?

Resilient Voices & Beyond: Amplifying Change, Empowering Lives. From Silence to Strength, A Personal Revolution.

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