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SafeCamp Spotlights: Adrian McLemore of Unbelievably Resilient

On this week’s episode we discuss the ever-decreasing amount of kids in adult jails and prisons; an ominous audit on the use of psychotropics and opioids in foster care; and several interesting stories published by The Imprint this month.

Adrian McLemore, a founding member of the Unbelievably Resilient podcast, joins to discuss the origin of the show and his views on the state of child welfare.

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Number of Youth in Adult Lockups Continues to Fall

Florida Did Not Comply with Requirements for Documenting Psychotropic and Opioid Medications Prescribed for Children in Foster Care

Multisystemic Therapy Gives New York Family a Second Chance

Reunifications are Rare Under Minnesota Law to Restore Parental Rights

Inside Mandated Reporting Reform in Los Angeles County
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