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SafeCamp Spotlights: Michael D. Davis-Thomas of Resilient Voices and Beyond

On this week’s episode we discuss another class action lawsuit, this one targeting the extended foster care system in America’s largest local child welfare system. Also: a potentially problematic hiccup in Arizona with one of the first modern state case management systems, and the After Life podcast wins a major award.

Michael D. Davis-Thomas, aka MDDT Speaks, joins to discuss the first two seasons of his podcast Resilient Voices and Beyond, as well as the current state of child welfare from the perspective of a man who experienced it and worked within it.

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Los Angeles County Sued Over ‘Foster Care to Homelessness Pipeline’

Discovered Documents Prompt Calls for Halt to Some Child Welfare Cases in Arizona

Gray Area Season Two: After Life

Interview with Julie Reynolds, Host/Producer of After Life
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