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On this week’s episode we discuss action on Capitol Hill around the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, a Congressional investigation that so far includes only one state’s child welfare system, and how programs are reviewed for the Family First Act.

Natalece Washington, policy counsel for the National Association of Counsel for Children, to talk about her organization’s campaign to get all 50 states to guarantee legal counsel to all children in foster care.

Reading Room

The Impact of Family Support on Child Safety: Right-Sizing CAPTA Funding to Better Protect Children

Senate Considers Legal Counsel Requirements in CAPTA Reauthorization Bill

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee to Investigate Georgia Child Welfare

The Human Rights of Foster Children

Foster Children in the Courts

Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse Handbook of Standards and Procedures, Draft Version 2.0

More than a Dozen States Fail to Guarantee Lawyers for Children in CPS Cases, New Report Finds

NACC Counsel for Kids Campaign Website

Seen, Heard, and Represented

Trump Administration Rule Change Could Unleash Hundreds of Millions in Federal Funds to Defend Rights of Parents, Children in Child Protection Cases

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