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Taking Personal Responsibility with Mike Shaver

Today’s episode is a conversation I had with my friend and colleague, Mike Shaver, who is the CEO of Brightpoint in Illinois. Brightpoint began as Children Home & Aid in 1883 and is going through a significant shift in how they see their role in advancing justice for families. Mike and I talked about the leadership challenges and successes he’s experienced throughout his career as he worked on major organizational change efforts. What we got into is valuable for anyone who is working within an organization or system and wondering if they should stay and work on change from the inside or take the leap to working outside of the system. Mike and I have been on very similar paths throughout our careers, but we talked about why we made different decisions about whether to stay or go. We also talked about Brightpoint’s vision and plans to impact the narratives, mindsets, and policies that drive the root cause issues facing families.¬†We started the conversation with something Mike said that caught my attention. He said, “when the number of children in foster care goes up, we should take it personally and as a failure.” This was a jumping off point to a conversation about accountability and personal responsibility.

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