Show: The Children’s Law Podcast

The Art of Building Trust with Your Client

The four of us are back together to share tips on how to speak with your child clients. The number one question we get from new attorneys, and sometimes experienced attorneys, is how to communicate with our child clients. The ethics rules require us to treat our child clients close to the same as we treat our adult clients. However, we need to recognize the maturity of our clients. We don’t approach every 5-year-old the same. Some are surprisingly mature and some are not.

In this podcast, we give you tips on how to talk with your clients. We don’t rehash the research and the many articles written. Instead, we encourage you from experience. If you have ever doubted yourself in your communication or ever wanted to give up on a client from feeling ignored, know that we have all had these feelings. It’s your persistence and your listening that will help your client gain the trust she needs to open up to you. And to give you the confidence to ensure you are understood.

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