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The Impact of “Drugging Our Kids” with Karen de Sá

On this week’s episode we discuss new child mental health legislation, an investigation into abuse at Head Start programs, and child poverty in America continuing to plummet.

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A recent study found that the use of antipsychotic medications on California foster youth has dropped by more than 50%. The Imprint’s executive editor, Karen de Sá, joins to discuss her investigative series Drugging Our Kids, which nearly a decade ago helped to prompt a number of policy changes in the state when it came to powerful psychiatric meds and youth in foster care. 

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Statement of Administrative Policy on the Mental Health Matters Act of 2022 ACF Should Improve Oversight of Head Start To Better Protect Children’s Safety Expansions to Child Tax Credit Contributed to 46% Decline in Child Poverty Since 2020 After Prison, He Became a Poodle Professional As His Influence Peaks in Child Welfare Field, A ‘Family Defenders’ Leader Retires Drugging Our Kids Series: Video: Prescribing Antipsychotic Drugs to California Foster Youth Declines Dramatically
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