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Wellness In The Workforce with Bridgette Carr and Vivek Sankaran

On this week’s podcast we discuss what’s happened in Ohio since the death of Ma’Khia Bryant a year ago, how child welfare might figure into California’s ideas around reparations, Connecticut’s new approach to helping families, and more.

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Bridgette Carr and Vivek Sankaran, who both lead legal clinics at the University of Michigan Law School, join to discuss the importance of organizational support for the wellbeing of people who work in trauma-filled professions.

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Honoring the Life of Ma’Khia Bryant: An Ombudsperson for Foster Youth in Ohio Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts: Housing Help to Keep Siblings Together Life Altered for One Texas Family Determined to Protect Transgender Child In California, First-Ever Task Force Envisions Reparations for Black Residents Violence & Vanishing Supervisors At Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall Reports Without Surveillance: Connecticut’s New Child Welfare Experiment Measuring What Actually Matters LawLifeProf Coaching
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