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Why Aren’t There More Alternatives to Youth Incarceration?

On this week’s podcast, we break down some recent research about toxicology testing of parents and newborns and how it connects to child welfare, legislative efforts to protect benefits for foster youth, and the troubling state of youth justice in Los Angeles. 

Jeff Fleischer, the recently retired CEO of Youth Advocate Programs and recent founder of Neighborhood Safety Advocates, joins to discuss YAP’s rich history and why he thinks America hasn’t developed more programs dedicated to serving youth who have committed serious crimes in the community.

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Jeff Fleischer served for more than 20 years as the CEO of Youth Advocate Programs, the Harrisburg-based nonprofit providing alternatives to youth incarceration in 33 states. Fleischer is the recent founder of Neighborhood Safety Advocates.

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Disparities in Maternal-Infant Drug Testing, Social Work Assessment, and Custody at 5 Hospitals Incidence of Newborn Drug Testing and Variations by Birthing Parent Race and Ethnicity Before and After Recreational Cannabis Legalization Novel Implementation of State Reporting Policy for Substance-Exposed Infants A Growing Number of States Vow to Stop Seizing Benefits Owed to Foster Youth Numerous Reforms, Little Time for Los Angeles County to Improve its Juvenile Detention Facilities Northern California Tribe Alleges California Unfairly Denied Extended Foster Care Benefits to its Youth YAP’s New President an Old Hand at Pushing Against Incarceration Youth Advocate Programs Gets Federal Stamp of Approval Youth Advocate Programs, Major Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare Provider, Gets $20 Million Investment from Ballmer Group
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