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Why Isn’t Community College Working for So Many Foster Youth?

On this week’s podcast we discuss the final numbers on the enhanced child tax credit that ran from July to December; host home respite care comes to New York after a two-year standoff; and an audit suggests what might really be behind Montana’s very high use of foster care.

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Amy Dworsky of Chapin Hall and Judy Havlicek of the University of Illinois join to discuss some dismal new findings about community college completion among youth who aged out of foster care. And, current community college student Matt Schaad talks about his own path towards a degree.

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Sixth Child Tax Credit Payment Kept 3.7 Million Children Out of Poverty in December New York Allows Overnight Respite Care For Children, Despite “Shadow Foster Care” Concerns Faith-Based Movement to ‘Host’ Children of Struggling Families Hits Opposition in New York Report Finds Problems with Foster Child Program, Including Missing Protection and Safety Plans Kids in Care: Analysis of Population Trends and Management Processes in Montana’s Foster Care System Chapin Hall Study Finds Lack of Support for Foster Youth in Community College Chapin Hall Research Brief
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