Show: How Is That Legal?: Breaking Down Systemic Racism One Law at a Time

You Can’t Say Colorblind and Stop

Black families pay higher property taxes than white families each year, and these unfairly high bills are helping to force Black people out of cities. Montgomery Wilson breaks down in great detail how Black homeowners end up paying more than their white counterparts in property taxes and how tax assessments are systematically inaccurate in Black and low income communities. He also shares what cities can do to solve this massive injustice and keep people in their homes. After this interview, you’ll never hear the words property tax assessment the same way again. Guest: Montgomery Wilson is a senior attorney with CLS’s Consumer Housing Unit. His practice focuses largely on municipal tax foreclosure & mortgage foreclosure defense in both state and federal court. He has also worked extensively with local community organizations and the City of Philadelphia to aid Philadelphia homeowners faced with real estate tax lien foreclosures.
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