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Audio Nuggets is the Mining For Gold cypher, where we are expressive, independent, and a bit impatient as we struggle for even a taste of justice.  It is a place where paradox is visible. Where often two things can be and are true at once. The edges of society exist as protection for some, simultaneously evoking expression. Audio Nuggets is where you will find a symbiotic force, both the heaviness of minimal air to breathe, and the light of freedom and liberation. The longing for connection and community ceases because WE ARE the community. Where human consciousness is bold and alive. We rely on the impact of the crowd to maintain the flow and the energy. Together, Audio Nuggets creates a matrix of sharing, of welcoming, of rawness. Of unity, of flavor. And most importantly, of gold mining. If you are community member and would like to have your liberated voice heard, please make a connection at:

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