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Community In-Site is a podcast about the growing movement for family well-being. Hosts Tecoria Jones and Elliot Hinkle bring their lived expertise with the child welfare system as well as their professional insights to each episode. They’ll be talking to leaders, advocates, and community members who are working from the grassroots to the grasstops on strategies to invest in the well-being of families and communities and prevent child welfare involvement.

The show will feature stories and lessons from community sites (featuring Thriving Families, Safer Children sites) that make the family well-being movement real and personal. Each episode will unpack a specific topic (e.g. racial equity or community partnerships) and what can be learned from the challenges and successes. The hosts hope to leave listeners with something they can take into their own work to help grow the movement in their community. For more information about the family well-being movement and Thriving Families, Safer Children initiative you can visit

Community In-Site Hosts Tecoria Jones (left) and Elliot Hinkle (right).
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