May 2024: Mothers’ Day & Adoption Reflections with JuneinApril

This month, just after Mothers’ Day, I sit down with my producer to have a conversation about my thoughts and emotions as it relates to adoption and mothers, mothering, and Mothers’ Day.

April 2024: I’m Adopted & I Cry A Lot (April Showers Bring May Flowers)

In this episode, host April Dinwoodie shares her very personal journey of sadness, grief, and loss connected to adoption and family separation.

Let’s Talk Adoption

Some of our child clients have been talking to John and Jim about adoption, which inspired an episode about how we think of adoption as children’s attorneys.

It’s important to understand all the things that come with and all the things that get taken away with adoption.

Federal policies and local practices seem to swing on a pendulum as to whether adoption is to be emphasized or strenuously avoided, but we focus on finding the best possible option for each singular client and keep it in our tool belts.

One way we think of the issue is that adoption is about the risk of harm from the continued pursuit of reunification versus the risk of harm due to the loss of their birth family. As a child’s attorney, knowing your client and the dynamics affecting them will help you recognize when adoption might be the best strategy for the child. Thanks for listening and please share with others who might find the podcast helpful!

March 2024: Four Women Connected to Adoption

In honor of Women’s History Month for March 2024, I share how four women, four mothers who never knew each other helped shape my understanding of the many women connected to adoption.

February 2024:  How to Love a TRA: “She Cried”

n February 2024, I give you the 8th installment of How to Love a Transracially Adopted Person, titled “She Cried.” In this part of the series I recount recently trying to find an old letter that my bio cousin had sent me but in trying to find that I stumbled upon the letter I had originally sent my birth mother that she had sent back to me but upon opening it this time I found something new. This discovery conjured up a new sense of love and loss.

January 2024: The Intersection of Social Media & Adoption

The new year is upon us but I still continue to see the same inappropriate social media postings surrounding children and youth who have been adopted particularly Black & Brown children being adopted into white families. In this January episode, I dive into how important it is to protect adopted children from social media exploitation. I also discuss the urgency of physical protection of Black and Brown adopted children and youth and the role hair touching plays.

My Holiday Wishlist in 2023

As another year ends for JuneinApril, I take a quick look back on the amazing family members/guests I had on the show this year. I am so blessed to have so many amazing human beings in my life and honored that they would take the time to talk about my journey with me! Along with this, I wrapped up the year with three wishes for 2024 and beyond.

November: A Seat at the Table

For National Adoption Awareness Month I discuss my involvement with Adopt Us Kids and the incredibly rewarding event I have been part of for a few years now. And as the winter holidays begin, I talk about the importance of involving the ones closest to us to the holiday table.

Wearing the Mask, Birthday Edition

During my Birthday month I take sometime to reflect on what I know about my beginnings and thoughts and questions about the day I was born. And because it’s Halloween, I get into the realities of masking feelings surrounding the emotions that can come up at this time of year.

Going back to School with JuneinApril

As fall begins this year, I take this time to sit and reflect on Septembers of my past and the feelings and emotions I had round what it was like going back to school and getting back into that academic rhythm. I also discuss what parents and professionals can do better to help ensure that their child feels safe and secure in their transitions back to school.

Always Learning, Always Growing with School psychologist, Dr. G

As we prepare children for back to school, who better to discuss this transition as it relates to adoption than Dr. Orit Goldhamer (aka Dr. G.) Dr. G works as a school Psychologist at the Churchill School in New York City, where we work together to create affinity spaces for students, supportive spaces for parents, and educate the broader school community. Drawing on her two decades of experience we discuss what students, parents, and professionals need to be doing better for those experiencing adoption.

July 2023: Sweet & Special Conversations with Nieces & Nephews

This month, I bring together some of my nieces and nephews of experience. From oldest to youngest, Albert, Mackenzie, Michon, Kyle & Cooper. These are my sibling’s kids, the ones who grew up knowing their Aunt “A” looked a bit different but never questioned why I was there or the love that we had for one another. My relationships with all of my nieces and nephews were the stepping stones to a lot of the work that I do today with youth. If you ever wanted to know more about me and how I build relationships with children and young people, this is the episode to listen to!!

June 2023: An Ode to the Only Dad I’ve Ever Known, Tom-Dog

In this short episode, I talk with my brother of experience, Jim and his wife Keiko about all the reasons why we love our father! I also am able to bring in a special guest, my father’s great grandson, Jim’s grandson, my great nephew, Landon James to talk about his “Old Papa.”

Putting Puzzles Pieces Together w/Family of Origin

Part of a new limited series, this episode is about my mother of origin, Helen June. With help from cousin Sean McCarthy & nephew Drew Tandal, we dive into the emotions surrounding our journey of finding family of origin as well as how they see Helen in me.

Born In June, Raised In April: What Adoption Can Teach the World

Nationally recognized thought leader, April Dinwoodie, hosts a personal journey while exploring her adoption experience. We follow her as she examines her efforts to find love, identity, family, and connection. Each month April will candidly interview, discuss, and unravel, all matters surrounding adoption.

May 2023: An ode to Sandra D

Part of a new limited series, this episode celebrates my mother of experience, Sandra Dinwoodie. With the help from my older brother Jim and his wife Keiko, we dive into all the things our mom got right and they ways she continues to inspire the next generations.