November: A Seat at the Table

For National Adoption Awareness Month I discuss my involvement with Adopt Us Kids and the incredibly rewarding event I have been part of for a few years now. And as the winter holidays begin, I talk about the importance of involving the ones closest to us to the holiday table.

Wearing the Mask, Birthday Edition

During my Birthday month I take sometime to reflect on what I know about my beginnings and thoughts and questions about the day I was born. And because it’s Halloween, I get into the realities of masking feelings surrounding the emotions that can come up at this time of year.

Going back to School with JuneinApril

As fall begins this year, I take this time to sit and reflect on Septembers of my past and the feelings and emotions I had round what it was like going back to school and getting back into that academic rhythm. I also discuss what parents and professionals can do better to help ensure that their child feels safe and secure in their transitions back to school.

Always Learning, Always Growing with School psychologist, Dr. G

As we prepare children for back to school, who better to discuss this transition as it relates to adoption than Dr. Orit Goldhamer (aka Dr. G.) Dr. G works as a school Psychologist at the Churchill School in New York City, where we work together to create affinity spaces for students, supportive spaces for parents, and educate the broader school community. Drawing on her two decades of experience we discuss what students, parents, and professionals need to be doing better for those experiencing adoption.

July 2023: Sweet & Special Conversations with Nieces & Nephews

This month, I bring together some of my nieces and nephews of experience. From oldest to youngest, Albert, Mackenzie, Michon, Kyle & Cooper. These are my sibling’s kids, the ones who grew up knowing their Aunt “A” looked a bit different but never questioned why I was there or the love that we had for one another. My relationships with all of my nieces and nephews were the stepping stones to a lot of the work that I do today with youth. If you ever wanted to know more about me and how I build relationships with children and young people, this is the episode to listen to!!

June 2023: An Ode to the Only Dad I’ve Ever Known, Tom-Dog

In this short episode, I talk with my brother of experience, Jim and his wife Keiko about all the reasons why we love our father! I also am able to bring in a special guest, my father’s great grandson, Jim’s grandson, my great nephew, Landon James to talk about his “Old Papa.”

Putting Puzzles Pieces Together w/Family of Origin

Part of a new limited series, this episode is about my mother of origin, Helen June. With help from cousin Sean McCarthy & nephew Drew Tandal, we dive into the emotions surrounding our journey of finding family of origin as well as how they see Helen in me.

Born In June, Raised In April: What Adoption Can Teach the World

Nationally recognized thought leader, April Dinwoodie, hosts a personal journey while exploring her adoption experience. We follow her as she examines her efforts to find love, identity, family, and connection. Each month April will candidly interview, discuss, and unravel, all matters surrounding adoption.

May 2023: An ode to Sandra D

Part of a new limited series, this episode celebrates my mother of experience, Sandra Dinwoodie. With the help from my older brother Jim and his wife Keiko, we dive into all the things our mom got right and they ways she continues to inspire the next generations.

Building a Better Support System, with Chelsea Sobolik

This week, we talk with Chelsea Sobolik, the Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy for Lifeline Children’s Services. Lifeline Children’s Services assists families with international adoption in all 50 states, each of the U.S. territories and U.S. citizens living abroad. Lifeline also serves women in unexpected pregnancies and families through domestic adoptions. Chelsea tells us about the mission of Lifeline and how the organization is working to help provide better solutions for adoption and foster care to parents and children. You can find out more about Chelsea and follow her work on her website.

The intersection of Freedom & Adoption with Milton Washington

I sit with Korean American adoptee, Milton Washington. Orphaned and adopted at the age of eight, and brought to the States at the age of ten, Milton had plenty to say and stories to tell about his experiences in a new family, with a new language and new culture. This month we discuss the intersection between freedom and independence as it relates to adoption, family, and identity.

What We’ve Learned About Supporting Adoptions

On this week’s episode, we discuss the federal about-face on child support payment policies for youth in foster care; how the workforce crisis is impacting Texas juvenile justice; and the latest on localizing juvenile justice in California. 

Guest Interview Details

Debbie Riley, CEO and co-founder of the Center for Adoption Support and Education, joins us to talk about what we’ve learned about post-adoption support in America and the recent data on adopted youth returning to foster care unearthed by USA Today this year.

Reading Room

The Federal Government Will Allow States to Stop Charging Families for Foster Care Coming Soon to Congress: Discussion on Child Support Clawback Understaffed, and Under Federal Investigation, Texas Juvenile Detention System Halts Intake How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color The Imprint’s Hidden Foster Care Series California Budget Plan Supports Shifting Youth from State Prisons to Juvenile Halls, Amid Opposition Los Angeles County Launches New Youth Development Department to Deter Crime For tens of thousands of children in the U.S., their “forever family” doesn’t last long. USA TODAY investigates: Why do adoptions fail? Connections Matter: Relationships with Birth Families are Important for Foster, Adopted Children Free Online Training Platform Launched for Adoption and Guardianship Workers

June 2022: Fatherhood, Trauma, and Resilience with Derek Clark “The Rapping Dad”

I sit down with author, inspiring motivational speaker, and viral sensation, Derek “Rapping Dad” Clark! Derek and I discuss so much from foster care to fathering with so many poignant moments shared. And of course he wouldn’t be the “Rapping Dad” without dropping a rhyme or two!

DISCLAIMER: This episode contains challenging subject matter including violence, suicide, & sexual violence. Viewer discretion advised…

Mother’s Day and Adoption with Amira Rose Davis

April sits with transracially adopted person, Amira Rose Davis. Amira is the Assistant Professor of History, African American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Penn State University. This month April and Amira discuss the intersections of Mother’s Day, Birthdays, and adoption. They also take time to share their thoughts around the recent abortion laws and tragic school shootings.

New Numbers on Broken Adoption and Child Maltreatment Registries

On this week’s podcast we discuss the recent series and data reporting by USA Today on youth who experience adoption from foster care and return to the system, the recent federal investigation on America’s use of Indian boarding schools; and news on lawsuits in Alaska and Indiana.

Guest Interview Details

Buzzfeed reporter Scott Pham joins to discuss his data reporting work on state-rund child abuse and neglect registries, which led him to conservatively estimate that 3 million people are currently on them.

Reading Room

Free registration! Tough Conversations: Navigating Relationships with Biological Family Sponsored by iFoster For tens of thousands of children in the U.S., their “forever family” doesn’t last long. USA TODAY investigates: Why do adoptions fail? Bill Aims to Prevent Adoptive Parents from Abusing Subsidy Program Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts, #10: Better Policing of Adoption Subsidies Time for New Numbers on Adoption Disruption A First, But Incomplete, Measure of Adoption Success The U.S. Government Releases Landmark Investigation Into the Brutal Legacy of Indian Boarding Schools Following Landmark Report on Indian Boarding Schools, Survivors Call on Congress for Broader Inquiry Lawsuit Alleges End to End Failures in Alaska’s Child Welfare System Firm Files Lawsuit Against Indiana’s Child Welfare System 7th Circuit Dismisses 2019 Lawsuit Seeking Sweeping Changes to Indiana DCS Policies Judges Toss Class Actions Against Ohio, West Virginia “It’s Like A Leech On Me”: Child Abuse Registries Punish Unsuspecting Parents Of Color

April 2022: “Ask Me Anything” Edition

Host April Dinwoodie sits down with her producer to answer questions from listeners.  This episode April dives into all things identity, family, facing embracing differences and this month’s theme of naming & claiming as well as “April showers bring May flowers.”