The Best of The Imprint Weekly Podcast, 2021 Edition

We had some amazing guests join us on The Imprint Weekly Podcast this year, and we reviewed the entire 2021 archive to bring you clips from some of the very best! This episode includes clips of 20 interviews from this year. 

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Guest Interview Details

Guests on this episode include:
  • Melissa Thompson, Melanie Jordan and Cam Lundstrom of the Office of Respondent Parent Counsel in Colorado
  • Christopher Scott and Lino Peña-Martinez of Sun Scholars
  • Gary Ivory, president of Youth Advocate Programs
  • Former juvenile judge Karen Baynes-Dunning
  • Michelle Caldeira, senior vice president of College Bound Dorchester
  • Dorothy Roberts, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Program on Race, Science & Society
  • Kevin Skidmore, owner of Four Fourty Trucking in Georgia
  • Dr. Jay Miller, dean of the University of Kentucky School of Social Work
  • Adoption expert April Dinwoodie
  • Beverly Jones, child operating officer for Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois
  • Takkeem Morgan, founder of Foster Together Indiana
  • Josh Gupta-Kagan, professor, University of South Carolina School of Law
  • Dr. Bruce Perry, founder and senior fellow at the Child Trauma Academy
  • Rae Baker, director of the Minnesota Prison Doula Project
  • Kris Henning, professor, Georgetown Law
  • Rebecca Nagle, host of the award-winning This Land podcast
  • Corey Best, consultant, Mining for Gold
  • Irene Clements, former president, National Foster Parent Association
  • Lisa Thurau, founder, Strategies for Youth