The Best of The Imprint Weekly Podcast, 2022 Edition

We had some amazing guests join us on The Imprint Weekly Podcast this year, and we reviewed the entire 2022 archive to bring you clips from some of the very best! This episode includes clips of 20 interviews from this year. 

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Guest Interview Details

Guests include: Les Gara, former gubernatorial candidate in Alaska Ruth White, executive director, National Association for Housing and Child Welfare Andrea Elliott, author, Invisible Child Chief Cadmus Delorma, Cowessess First Nation Jess Dannhauser, commissioner, New York City Administration for Children’s Services Karl Wyatt, digital artist Jason Smith, executive director, Michigan Center for Youth Justice Carrie Etheridge, director of social work, Sheppard Pratt Len Edwards, author and former judge, Santa Clara County, California Colleen Henry, associate professor and researcher, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College Patty Duh, associate, Annie E. Casey Foundation Lemn Sissay, author and former chancellor of the University of Manchester Diane Redleaf, lawyer and founder, United Family Advocates Sixto Cancel, founder, Think of Us Dee Wilson, author, The Sounding Board Kristen Ethier, research fellow, University of Chicago Marsha Levick, chief legal officer, Juvenile Law Center Liz Ryan, administrator, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Tara Reynon, child welfare director, National Indian Child Welfare Association Leslie Lacy, founder, Fostering Hope Louisiana