The Child Welfare System and Homeschooling with James Mason

This week, we’re talking with James Mason, president and senior counsel at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Previously, James has served as the president of the Parental Rights Foundation and the host of the EPPiC Broadcast. This week, James tells us about a case in Texas that HSLDA has recently litigated on behalf of a homeschooling family caught up in a CPS investigation.

Adoption and Foster Family Advocacy with Laura Adams

This week, we talk with Laura Adams, founder of, which provides education, support, and advocacy to improve understanding of adoptive and foster children and complex trauma. Laura explains how through her work with international adoption and parenting her own adopted children with special needs, she saw firsthand the challenges that exist in getting the proper assessments and support in schools, especially in mental healthcare. Laura is an advocate for attachment-based interventions and today works to transform school social work to provide better outcomes for adopted and foster children.