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Dreaming Sanctuary

We are back in the cypher with our anchor #4 for FREEDOM in Black History ’24.  We are joined by Aubrey Edwards-Luce for Episode 30: Dreaming Sanctuary.

In Dreaming Sanctuary, Aubrey moves us to become filled. Filled with dreaming; filled with an energy to chase the vision of freedom, filled with a drive to nurture connections with others, and truly filled with a desire to love all people. Sanctuary is best defined as a place where someone or something can be protected or safe from being chased or hunted; to live and be protected. Aubrey illustrates that there is safety and sanctuary in relationships that are knitted through love and give us an opportunity to see and lean into full humanity. Aubrey’s contributions to freedoms are palpable with how she leads by listening, and how she shows up in love by building a culture of truth-telling in her ecosystem.

Throughout this February, the cypher has brought you Radically Practical with jasmine Sankofa, Loyalty to Truth with Dawn Blagrove, Notes For Freedom with Dr. Jessica Pryce and Dreaming Sanctuary with Aubrey Edwards-Luce; 4 Black women, 4 for Freedom. They have all made clear the distinction necessary for freedom and liberation as a lifestyle, not only a goal.

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